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About Ajxatrociousxdaigo: My name is A.J. or Adam. but really its Daigo... I am NOT a fake. these pics are mine. and you BETTER not steal them... and if I see you and think you're one, be prepared to be called out. Cause fakes piss me off. I'm japanese but since I live in america, no one can really pronounce my name right. so...I'm a free runner/cook/musician. I have MANY nicknames and petnames. Like Angel, Angelface, A.J._Atrocious_ , etc. but you can call me what you want ^.^ I am a model. (but your guess is as good as mine as to why ANYONE would consider me attractive) I am extremely critical of myself. Many ask my sexual prefernece. I happen to be Bi and proud. If that bothers you, keep it to yourself please. I love doing ANYTHING stupid, extreme, or adrenaline pumping. I have many forms of contact so here they are in case you want to learn more about me ^.^
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AIM: HotAznSceneKid
YAHOO: Drowning_In_My_Scene
SKYPE: A.J._Atrocious_ or try a.j._atrocious_